17 year old girl from The Netherlands.

Trying to lose weight and live a healthy, positive life

Start weight: 70,5 kg / 155.4 lbs
Goal weight: 55 kg / 121.3 lbs

Height: 162 cm / 5'4"

Current weight: 68,8 kg / 151,7 lbs


I’m making oatmeal cookies again!
Don’t really like oats for breakfast, but I really love the oatmeal/banana (and a tiny bit of honey) cookies.
Yummy :D



just in case anyone is too lazy to go out and run, remember, doing 100 jumping jacks is like running for an hour and it’s a full body work out #fact

good cold-weather tip.


some thoughts are so private that you only share them with a therapist or 17,000 people on the internet

Planned an early walk tomorrow. Love long morning walks! ♡

Imagine what your body will look like 6 months from now if you keep strong.